For Teachers and Parents

Teachers Workshops

As part of their ESRC research grant investigating second language learning in children and adults, Dr Elizabeth Wonnacott and Dr Helen Brown organised two Teachers Workshops at UCL.

The purpose of these workshops was to bring together researchers and teachers, providing a unique opportunity not only for teachers to learn more about current research looking at second language learning and teaching in the primary years, but also for researchers to gain important feedback from those working in the classroom.

Click on the links below to find an overview of the talks from those workshops, as well as the powerpoint slides used on the day.


Newsletter archive

Every year, the Language Learning Lab sends out a newsletter to the schools that participated in our research. In this newsletter, we describe the various research projects we ran that year, and what results we found so far. Click on the links below to download past issues of our yearly newsletter.


Accessible summaries of research articles

OASIS, the Open Accessible Summaries In Language Studies initiative aims to make research on language learning and teaching available and accessible to a wide audience. They do this through providing one-page summaries of research articles, often (co)-written by the authors of the original research paper. These summaries provide information about the study’s goals, how it was conducted, and what was found, and are written in non-technical language. For more information and for summaries of many other research articles, visit the OASIS website.

  • The role of input variability and learner age in second language vocabulary learning. 
    Research by Ruta Sinkeviciute, Helen Brown, Gwen Brekelmans, & Elizabeth Wonnacott (2019). Published in Journal of Second Language Studies, 1-26.
    Original research article
    OASIS accessible summary


  • High or Low? Comparing high and low-variability phonetic training in adult and child second language learners.
    Research by Anastasia Giannakopoulou, Helen Brown, Meghan Clayards, & Elizabeth Wonnacott (2017). Published in PeerJ 5:e3209
    Original research article
    OASIS accessible summary