Open Science

Liz Wonnacott helped to spear-head the introduction of Registered Reports at the Journal of Child Language – and remains as one of two special editors dedicated to handling this report type for the journal. See here for details.

The Language Learning Lab is committed to open science practices for our research. This means that we try to make our data and analyses available for the projects we work on, and that we put up pre-prints of papers under review to make them available to as many people as possible. In addition, many of our studies now have pre-registered analyses.

Materials and data associated with published papers are available on our Publications page. Statistical functions that we use in our research can be found in the Language Learning Lab Github repository.

Below, you can find links to pre-prints, open data and analyses for projects for which publications are still in the works as well as some that have since been published:

Under Review:

  • Vujović, M., Ramscar, M., & Wonnacott, E. (2019). Language learning as uncertainty reduction: The role of prediction error in linguistic generalization and item-learning. Preprint    R code & data
  • Brown, H., Smith, K., Samara, A. & Wonnacott, E. (2018) Semantic cues in language learning: An artificial language study with adult and child learners. Preprint Rcode data

Projects in various states of progress:

  • Brekelmans, G., Evans, B.G., Wonnacott, E. (2019) Adapting High Variability Phonetic Training for use with children. Data and stimuli
  • Brekelmans, G., Evans, B.G., & Wonnacott, E. (2019) Variability in phonetic training – Dutch learners trained on English vowels. Preregistration  Stimuli, Rcode and data
  • Wonnacott. E., Vujović, M. & Miller, C..  The role of variability in linguistic generalization: evidence from a computerized language training game with 7-year-olds. Data and Pre-registered Analyses. Poster.
  • Brown, H., Gunning, G.,Wonnacott, E. Do Shared Distributional Contexts Aid Learning of Italian Gender Classes in 7-Year-Old Children? DataPoster
  • Brown, H., Wonnacott, E. Training L2 Lexical Tone in child and adult learners. Data and Pre-registered Analyses.
  • Brown, H., Wonnacott, E. Memory Consolidation Effects on Tone Learning in Child and Adult Learners Data and Pre-registered Analyses.